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Bored of dull prints in your home? We have a solution for you.

Collaborative Art is a Perth based supplier of classic and contemporary wall art by renowned artists Jake Johnson, Patrice Murciano, Biggon and Greavsey, Shh Interiors and more..

Our range of framed artwork include;

3D Art- A unique collection of framed artwork by Jake Johnson which is personally handmade and stunning to view. These pieces will amaze your guests and prove a talking point at any dinner party.
Jake Johnson has exhibited around the world and carried out many commissions for homes, hotels, bars and offices.

Mirror art- These hand embellished mirrored pieces include Pink Martini glasses, Prosecco flutes, light up Gin bottles and many more. With a vast selection amazing of mirrors you’ll find designs for everyone and every room.

Liquid Art –Framed liquid art are stand-out pieces using Swarovski crystals proving to be extremely popular. The specially-made resin is layered on top of the glass to give each piece that stand-out effect, making our liquid wall art completely unique to other products on the market

Icon Art- These licensed designs range from vintage black-and-white shots of classic movie stars to modern pop art pictures of music legends. Iconic framed pieces feature some of your favourite famous faces, from Elvis Presley, Audrey Hepburn and Marilyn Monroe wall art to Biggie Smalls and Bob Marley!

Our vision to revolutionise wall decor and transform rooms around the world.