Our Artists


Bold and beautiful are the defining characteristics of UK-based Biggon’s artwork. He’s a master of photo manipulation, which allows him to create subversive pieces such as his tattooed Marilyn Monroe wall art and Barack Obama artwork. On the flip side, he also produces classic pieces featuring Champagne, cocktails and coffee – the perfect kitchen wall art! Those in love with a dreamy, ethereal aesthetic should look to his angel wings wall art, winter wonderland scenes and ballerina wall art. And for effortless home accessorising, Biggon also creates modern floral artwork including his popular dandelion wall art.

Jake Johnson

Jake Johnson’s unique style is a mix of modern irony and nostalgic whimsy, with a dash of contemporary cool thrown in for good measure. His most recognisable works are his 3D jelly baby liquid art pictures; bursting with juicy colour and sprinkled with humour, they’re the best way to brighten up your space.

The Great British Summer also gets the Jake Johnson treatment, in the form of his retro ice cream art and lollipop wall art. These dripping 3D treats are super-sweet! And if it’s class and sophistication you’re seeking, check out the artist’s cocktail and Champagne wall art in sleek silver and sparkling crushed glass. All pieces are handmade to order.

Patrice Murciano

One of the most famous and admired artists of modern times is Patrice Murciano. His vibrant pop art pieces are coveted by both homeowners and connoisseurs of contemporary artwork. With a splash of rainbow colour and his signature graffiti-inspired technique, Murciano can transform a movie star, a model, or a magnificent animal into something extra special. At 1 Wall, we then embellish his artwork with liquid glass to make every detail pop.
Shop our collection of Patrice Murciano art to introduce a modern masterpiece and a spectacular spectrum of colour into your room.


UK-based digital artist Greavesy has an eye for an icon. He takes the stars of stage and screen and deconstructs their images using paint splatter art effects and powerful quotes. All your favourite superstars are framed, from bombshell Marilyn Monroe and graceful Audrey Hepburn to famed fighter Muhammed Ali and velvet-voiced George Michael. He hand-finishes each colourful piece with resin and Swarovski crystals to bring them to life.

Greavesy’s modern artwork is displayed in New York and across the globe. His most popular works include the Tupac and Biggie Smalls wall art. Thanks to Greavesy, the 80s and 90s generations can fill their homes with expressive art that mixes the nostalgic and the new